Armand Choquette Jr.'s Photo Album

Those are the pictures brought to the 2002 Reunion by Armand Choquette Jr., born in Jefferson, South Dakota, and now living in Merced, California. The kinship shown below are in relation to Armand Jr.

3rd row: Armand Sr. (his father) 
and his aunt Bertha Choquette.
2nd row: his aunts Cora, Viola and Ella
1st row: his aunt Marie.
Photo taken in 1914.

Double marriage in Jefferson, South Dakota:
Mrs James Walsh (Cora Choquette)
and Mrs A. J. Choquette
(Vivian Brouillette), Armand Jr.'s mother, in 1928

Cleo et Regina Choquette's
50th Wedding anniversary
in Pasadena, California, in 1950
Left to right: Cleo (his grand-father),
Armand (his father), Robert (his uncle)
and Donald (his uncle)

Robert, Regina (his grand-mother), 
Armand (his father) and Donald.

50th Wedding anniversary
Cleo et Regina Choquette (1950)
His aunts Betty and Viola, his grand-mother
Regina, his aunts Marie and Cora.

Cleo Choquette, Armand's grand-father.

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