Glenn Choquette's Photo Album

Glenn Choquette was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Those are the pictures he brought to the 2002 Reunion.  The kinship shown below are in relation to Glenn. 

Nérée Euclide Hector Choquette
and his first wife Elisa Boucher

Alcide Choquette (Glenn's grand-father),
Lucien (father) and Laura Bessette (grand-mother)

Omer and Isidore Choquette (grand-father Alcide's brothers), Laura Lessette and Alcide Choquette (Glenn's grand-parents).  On the radiator is the photo of Lucien Choquette, Glenn's father.

Glenn's father and grand-parents : Lucien, Laura Bessette and Alcide Choquette.



Glenn's parents :
Wanda Theresa
Lucien Choquette
on their wedding day.

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